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Sep 22, 2015

New music from Courtney Cole is now available online!

Rolling Stone Gives Courtney "Best Beyonce" Cred at FarmBorough
Jun 30, 2015

Courtney gets a shout out for her cover of one of Queen Bey's #1 songs!

Courtney Featured on Huffington Post
May 19, 2015

Read Courtney's feature article on!

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Sign me up. #letsdate #netflix #greys #obsessed
Oct 6th 9:31 pm

@clcb1112 love it!! You're very talented! I do a signing after each show! Can't wait to meet you!!
Oct 6th 1:21 pm

RT @NebbyBoo: 🎵🎤 You say you love me and leave you leave me in the same breath. 🎤🎵 -Courtney Cole // fall like rain.
Oct 5th 10:46 pm

☺️☺️ Happiest place ☺️☺️
Oct 5th 10:37 am

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