Courtney Cole

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Interview: The Shotgun Seat

Oct 23, 2014

Courtney sat down with The Shotgun Seat to talk about her #NoFilter EP, touring with Chris Young and Chipotle sandwiches! Read the full interview here. The Shotgun Seat's full review of #NoFilter is below.

Courtney Cole recently released her EP #NoFilter, a four-track acoustic Spotify release. #NoFilter’s lyric empowerment and stay-true-to-you message make the listener feel as if they’ve found a new best friend, and Cole herself is no different, with a warm and friendly energy that immediately puts you at ease. #NoFilter itself oozes girl power, not in a “Before He Cheats” way, promoting independence, ferocity, and perhaps a hardened shell, but rather in a more organic way, allowing for the duality of being strong and being yourself while simultaneously allowing connectivity and openness to to the world around you.

The EP creates a fascinating story arc, starting with “Can’t Buy Love,” an uptempo track about finding love organically, followed by “Cool Girl,” which emphasizes the importance of being yourself. Cole closes out the EP with “Drunk,” a song showcasing Cole’s sillier side that highlights the beginnings of a new relationship, and “Fall Like Rain,” a slower track that showcases the dynamic range of Cole’s vocals and describes the end of a relationship. Throw it on loop and you’re back to “Can’t Buy Love,” reminding you that even though you’ve been broken, you have to resist the urge to shut yourself off and shop for an ideal situation and re-open yourself up (yes – by being yourself). Through it, Cole achieves the perfect balance of being simultaneously strong and vulnerable, like an early Taylor Swift with a little less bitterness and a little more backbone.

The music and energy are infectious, much like Cole herself, who is down to earth, taking a few minutes to chat with us about everything from the adventures of driving through middle-of-nowhere Montana or belting “All About That Bass” fresh out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her hair.